Professor Gannon and Dr Lugo-Palacios publish first output from EU H2020 Project SENSE-Cog

12 Dec 2017

Professor Brenda Gannon (CBEH) and Dr David Lugo-Palacios (University of Manchester, UK) have recently published their first output from the EU H2020 Project SENSE-Cog.

The authors looked at the interaction of cognitive and sensory (hearing and vision) impairment and how this affects health care utilisation in hospitals and general practice. Using econometrics modelling, applied to the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) data, they find that people with cognitive impairment have more hospitalisations, those with sensory impairment have more hospitalisations amongst low users of health care and those with both impairments have on average more doctor and GP visits. Given that 24% of the individuals in the sample studied were classified as having both sensory and cognitive impairments, a potential improvement in the efficiency of health care delivery may come from taking a systematic integrated care approach in the treatment of these conditions.