Health Economics and Econometrics Workshop, Darwin

15 Apr 2019

UQ CBEH researchers will lead the way in presentations at the 10th Australasian Workshop on Econometrics and Health Economics, held in Darwin from today (15-17 April).

Two PhD students, supervised by Prof Brenda Gannon, will present their work, among a high calibre group of speakers.

  • Sabrina Lenzen will present her first PhD paper in Economics of Ageing, ‘A dynamic microeconomic analysis of the impact of physical activity on cognition among older people’, jointly supervised with Dr Christiern Rose (School of Economics)
  • Anton Pak will present his second PhD paper, Forecasting waiting time to treatment for emergency department patients, jointly supervised by Dr Andrew Staib, PA Hospital,  Director, Office of the Chief Clinical Information Officer Chair and Statewide Digital Healthcare Improvement Network (DHIN).

Both of these papers demonstrate high-level econometrics applied to health data, with results that may be used for policy impact. The projects demonstrate linkage with industry and end users in their research (e.g. observations at ED to understand attendance patterns).  

Professor Gannon will also present a discussion of work by a colleague from Adelaide, on heart attack risk in New Zealand: gender, ethnicity, age, and previous heart attacks.

The conference includes leading global experts in economics and econometrics, including Professor Carol Propper (Imperial College London) and Professor Andrew Jones (University of York).

Visit the workshop website