Research protocol published: High-dose fluoride toothpaste to prevent and treat dental caries in high-risk older adults

27 Jun 2019

Professor Stephen Birch, with a team of researchers from the United Kingdom, has published a paper titled "Protocol for a Randomised controlled trial to Evaluate the effectiveness and cost benefit of prescribing high dose FLuoride toothpaste in preventing and treating dEntal Caries in high-risk older adulTs (reflect trial)" in BMC Oral Health.


Dental caries in the expanding elderly, predominantly-dentate population is an emerging public health concern. Elderly individuals with heavily restored dentitions represent a clinical challenge and significant financial burden for healthcare systems, especially when their physical and cognitive abilities are in decline. Prescription of higher concentration fluoride toothpaste to prevent caries in older populations is expanding but the effectiveness and cost benefit of this intervention is uncertain. The Reflect trial evaluates the effectiveness and cost benefit of General Dental Practitioner (GDP) prescribing of 5000 ppm fluoride toothpaste and usual care compared to usual care alone in individuals 50 years and over with high-risk of caries.

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