The rate at which Indigenous Australians discharge against medical advice (DAMA) nationally is almost eight times that of the rate at which non-Indigenous Australians DAMA.

Despite being identified as a national policy priority by the Council of Australian Governments in 2008, DAMA rates continue to climb.

The purpose of this service innovation is to reduce rates of discharge against medical advice (DAMA) in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (A&TSI) patients of MNHHS by improving DAMA risk assessment and management practices. The data from the scoping phase of this project (Maguire, 2016c) indicates the DAMA cohort is a subset of vulnerable patients with complex needs. 

This project is funded by cash and in-kind support from Metro North Health and Hospital Service, CBEH, UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, Institute for Urban Indigenous Health and Department of Health (Queensland).

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Professor Luke Connelly

Professor - CBEH
Centre for the Business and Economics of Health