Economics and Econometrics of Ageing: Developing The University of Queensland as national and global leaders

CBEH in collaboration with UQ's schools of Economics and of Public Health will develop a research group, specifically in Economics and Econometrics of Ageing, at The University of Queensland.

Capitalising on a wealth of knowledge, in collaboration with both established colleagues in economics and microeconometrics at SoE and new collaborators from SoE and SPH at UQ and across Australia, the group will initiate a strategy to discuss relevant topics in ageing economics alongside investigation of the appropriate econometric methodologies, to provide innovative causal answers for health economics questions pertinent to the ageing population. Transformational research is required to impact on policy developments in Australia and worldwide, therefore collaborations with outstanding international centres will be developed and enhanced.

This research will address fundamental issues such as end of life health care expenditure, impact of health shocks on demand for medical and health care and the impact of retirement on health. The funds will further the capacity building in this field to build critical mass, by recruiting an outstanding scholar from economics and encouraging them to undertake a career in this field. The end goal is global competiveness in the field of economics of ageing, analysis of panel and big data, and ensuring UQ and Australia are the centre of influence worldwide.