Health economics is a subspecialty of economics depends, primarily, on applications of microeconomics and microeconometrics. Many of the more general fields of applied microeconomics may usefully be applied address resource allocations that concern health, health care, and health care financing. The health economics literature contains many contributions from across microeconomics and microeconometrics and, to a lesser extent, macroeconomics. Examples of the economic sub-disciplines that have contributed to the stock of knowledge in this area include labour economics, information economics, industrial economics, institutional economics, insurance economics, welfare economics, public economics, and so on.

Scholarship opportunities

CBEH PhD Scholarships

UQ is offering two outstanding students a living scholarship of $36,682 per annum, for four years in a PhD in health economics with CBEH.

PhD Scholarship: Microeconomic Models of Exercise, Cognition and Health Care Utilisation

UQ and CBEH are currently offering a scholarship of $26,682 to investigate microeconomic models of exercise, cognition and health care utilisation.

UQ Summer Research Scholarship Program

The UQ Summer Research Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students wishing to undertake a research internship over the summer vacation period.