I am an ARC Discovery Research Fellow at the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health (CBEH), University of Queensland. My current research investigates the effect of two dental policies issued by the Australian government to improve children’s oral health by covering essential dental services for children from low-income families. In addition, this project examines the causal impacts of these health care financing arrangements on other aspects of child and adolescent health. Using advanced econometric techniques and panel datasets, this project is expected to contribute to the development of effective policies for promoting health and wellbeing for children.

In addition to the dental health project, I am passionate about studying other health care policies and health care services as well as the private health insurance industry. I have experience working with large datasets from both longitudinal survey data and administrative data to gain insightful findings of the private health insurance industry performance, the effectiveness of government policies and customer behaviours.

Research interests

Health care policies: effectiveness of health care policies in a health care system.

Health care services: access to care, health care costs, demand for and outcomes of health care services.

Private health insurance industry: performance of private health insurers and customer behaviours.

Research impact

Previously, I worked with representatives from many European governments, international institutions and consulting groups (i.e., the United Nations Development Program, AFC Fund – France, German Development Bank-KfW and Deloitte) with the role of mobilising and supervising funds for economic development programs nationwide, including health care projects. I also evaluated the cost-effectiveness of such programs at the government level in Vietnam between 2007 and 2015. This rich experience working with government and industry bodies enables me to effectively engage with government and industry in research development and translation.

Featured project

Project titleFunding amountDuration
Child Dental Benefit Policies and the Health of Australian Children
ARC Discovery Project
~$250k2020 - 2023


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