Through CBEH, UQ will enhance its ability to respond strategically to the drivers for change in Australia’s health budget.

These include the health needs and costs of an ageing Australian population, and the impacts of health technology on delivery of patient care.

In addition, other drivers for change include the changing nature of health insurance, and the increased use of incentives to change the behaviour of both providers and consumers. CBEH will not only focus on health economics, but will harness the broader business and health sector expertise at UQ. It will create additional capacity in this area through new appointments and supervision of graduate students. 


Together, our researchers can tackle issues with global impact.

Not if, when. The campaign to create change.

Research objectives

CBEH conducts high-quality research across a spectrum of topics in health economics, from health insurance and healthcare financing, to child and adolescent health, indigenous health, health inequality, health production, health sector efficiency, and the health economics of ageing to name but a few.

The work of our researchers is published in some of the best economics, health economics, business, management and clinical journals. We also conduct applied economic research on health technology assessment, assisting clinicians and policy-makers to identify effective and cost-effective interventions, model their health consequences on samples and populations, and estimate their population and economic effects.

Research aims

The Centre aims to publish research of the highest quality in the best academic journals in economics, business and the clinical sciences. Our aim is to conduct world-class, investigator-led research, and to contribute to the research objectives of our clinical colleagues by helping them to embed economic evaluation in clinical trials and cohort studies.

The Centre has wide expertise across the fields of economics, health economics and health technology assessment. It is also building its capacity, in conjunction with colleagues in the faculties of Business, Economics and Law and Health and Behavioural Sciences, and the Mater Research Institute (UQ), to develop innovative health service delivery and business solutions.

CBEH conducts both investigator-led and commercial research to inform policies and practices that will contribute to the development of an economically sustainable healthcare system in Australia.

CBEH research projects

Explore our current and past projects, and discover how our research contributes to the improvement of healthcare throughout Australasia.

Understanding how to best socialise new staff into our large and complex healthcare system

January 2011December 2015
ARC Linkage Project
Many new staff find that their positive expectations around working in Australia’s large public healthcare system are not met in their first few months.

Implementing and using electronic medical records effectively

January 2015December 2017
ARC Future Fellowship
How do you implement and use electronic medical record systems effectively?

Evaluating the implementation of Kidney Supportive Care Program

February 2016February 2017
Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation
A multidisciplinary model of care aims to provide superior symptoms management, improved decision making and better satisfaction with care for patients with End Stage Kidney Disease and their families.

Economic decisions of older adults

January 2013December 2019
We, individually and as a society, are ageing. But what does that do to how we make economic decisions.

Centre for Research Excellence in Recovery Following Road Traffic Injury

January 2015
National Health and Medical Research Council
People who sustain injuries in road traffic accidents often experience ongoing physical and mental health problems.

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