Enhanced models of care and prevention

Under this research focus area, the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health (CBEH) contributes to the development of evidence-informed models of care that maximise accessibility, sustainability, and equity in health service delivery. We engage with clinicians, health service planners, industry bodies, and consumers to contribute business and economic expertise to the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of improvements and innovations in healthcare.

Our work includes using economic methods to align population needs to capacities to care and service provision and modelling patient flows through healthcare facilities and systems. We consider opportunities to support better health outcomes that include community-based models and alternative health care settings. We apply our expertise to improve the way health outcomes are achieved in cancer care, oral health, and aged care, among others.


  • slightly blurry photo of traffic and pedestrians on a Brisbane city street

    Using systems thinking to understand risks and protective factors for Urban Indigenous communities during COVID-19

    October 2020December 2021
    APPRISE Centre of Research Excellence
    Systems practitioner Dr Sue McAvoy collaborated with Professor Bronwyn Fredericks and Professor James Ward from the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health to deliver an innovative, Indigenous-led project that unravels the complex factors that impact risk to COVID-19 infection for Indigenous people living in urban Brisbane. This research can be utilised to inform a shared basis for action to improve models of care and reduce community risk of infection during pandemics.
  • pharmacist and older customer

    Activating pharmacists to reduce medication related problems

    January 2021December 2023
    Medical Research Future Fund
    CBEH is co-leading a three-year trial of an innovative new service to find and resolve medicine-related problems in the community before they have the chance to cause harm. The ACTMed Trial will embed new software in General Practice to alert pharmacists to high-risks consumers for review.