I’m a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health (CBEH) at The University of Queensland. My research expertise mainly focuses on applied health economics and health services research. I’m passionate about identifying healthcare interventions that provide the best value for money and cooperate with consumer preferences for the healthcare decision-making process. I believe consumers and healthcare providers play an important role in designing healthcare interventions more suited to their needs. Part of my research is based on choice modelling, where I can quantify consumers' preferences for different attributes of healthcare services and incorporate them into decision-making processes.

My research covers different areas of health including oral health, mental health, cardiovascular diseases, occupational violence prevention, consumer preferences for cancer follow-up care and emergency services. I collaborate with researchers, clinical experts, qualitative experts, online survey companies and healthcare institutions to evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare interventions in both hospital and community settings. The application of economic evaluations to assess the cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions benefits policy decisions and provides more effective healthcare services.

Research interests

Health economics: identifying health care interventions with the best value for money and measuring the effectiveness of existing and new health interventions

Consumer preferences and choice modelling: applying choice modelling to understand consumer preferences over different health care characteristics and incorporating choice modelling analysis to design health care based on consumer preferences.

Patient reported outcome measures and health state valuations: development of preference-based measures and utility algorithms to facilitate the outcomes measured in health economic evaluations

Research impact and partnerships 

The oral health preference-based measure and the utility algorithm I developed as part of my PhD is one of the first in oral health research in the world as well as in Australia. This instrument and the utility algorithm will facilitate the economic evaluations of oral health interventions targeted at children and adolescents. Currently, I am working with a Swedish research team undertaking a project to translate and validate the oral health preference-based instrument and inform development of tariffs.

Featured project

Project titleFunding amountDuration
Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee Assessment Unit
Commonwealth Department of Health
Confidential2021 - 2025
Medical Services Advisory Committee assessment unit
Commonwealth Department of Health
Various2022 - 2025


To discuss research opportunities, please email me or connect with me via Linkedin.