I am a research fellow in Health Economist at The University of Queensland’s Centre for the Business and Economics of Health (CBEH). My professional experience spans over a decade, focusing on economic evaluation, evidence synthesis, quantitative modelling, and interactive visual analytics. In the pursuit of advancing knowledge and informing healthcare policies, my research emphasizes the integration of real-world data and patient-reported outcomes enabling the generation of substantive insights, contributing significantly to the evidence base that informs national healthcare decisions, with the overarching goal of fostering global health improvement.

Research Interests

Health technology assessment (HTA): Evaluating and comparing the economic and clinical effectiveness of new healthcare technologies/devices and treatments.

Quantitative/statistical modelling: Developing and applying statistical models to analyse healthcare data and inform decision-making.

Evidence synthesis: Qualitative and quantitative synthesis of evidence such as systematic/scoping/rapid reviews, meta-analysis, and network meta-analysis.

Interactive visual analytics: Storytelling and integrating data such as PROs into easy-to-use and tailored interactive visualisation and reports for clinicians and patients.

Research Impact

My professional journey has granted me opportunities to collaborate on international research and quality improvement projects, exploring various health complications, disease risk factors, and healthcare indicators. Noteworthy examples include my involvement in the Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiological study (PURE), where we delved into determinants and risk factors influencing cardiovascular disease and diabetes among adults in urban and rural areas. Additionally, in a quality improvement project, namely the Spinal Cord Injury Implementation and Evaluation Quality Care Consortium (SCI-IEQCC), my contributions involved developing statistical models and interactive visualisations related to structure, process, and outcome indicators, as well as the health and well-being of individuals with lived spinal cord injury or disease experience.

By applying economic evaluation and evidence synthesis methods to medicine and healthcare, my work contributes to improved patient outcomes and fosters a more cost-effective healthcare system, benefitting researchers, clinicians, the healthcare system, and the community at large.


To find out how we can collaborate and bring value to your organisation, I can be contacted via:
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