I’m an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at The University of Queensland’s Centre for the Business and Economics of Health. I hold the position of Associate Director of Health Economics at KPMG Australia. After receiving my PhD in Health Economics in 2014, I held a Senior Research Fellow position at CBEH for 5 years. During this time, I led projects on health sector reform, hospital performance, models of care, the economics of chronic disease and the impact of existing and proposed policies, such as a sugar tax. I have strong experience in the delivery of partnership-driven research through effective collaboration with community organisations, research institutes and government bodies.

Research interests

Health services and health outcomes: determining the effectiveness of existing and proposed interventions and models of care on health outcomes and efficiency of the system.

Health technology assessment: comprehensive assessment of the safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of new health interventions.

Private health insurance industry: performance of private health insurers and the impact on customer behaviour.


To discuss opportunities to collaborate please email cbeh@uq.edu.au.