I’m an Emeritus Professor and former Director of the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health at The University of Queensland, until I retired in 2022. I’m also a senior scientist at the WHO Collaborating Centre on Health Workforce Planning at Dalhousie University, Canada.

My research focuses on health economics and I’ve had the opportunity to pioneer new methods in this field, particularly to promote equity in health care through allocation of health care funding and workforce planning based on population needs. This includes planning for future care and a critical review of the effectiveness of existing programs and policies. This is crucially important in a world where healthcare needs, technologies and models of care are continually evolving. My collaboration with partner organisations assists them to deliver efficient and effective healthcare for all members of the community.

Research interests

  • Integrated health care planning: Models of health care expenditure, workforce and services that are based on population needs
  • Economics of oral health and health care: Healthcare policies, costs and resource allocation within dental prevention and treatment
  • Systems impacts of health policies: Model and evaluation of health policies impact on the broader healthcare system

Research impact

My work has directly impacted health policy and planning through roles with the World Health Organization and World Bank. I’ve served on expert panels and advisory councils for health departments across Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. I value working in partnership to ensure research is attuned to practical challenges faced within the sector and enjoy finding potential solutions developed collaboratively to create practical and sustainable change.

I have published more than 300 academic papers, 21 book chapters and presented at numerous international conferences.

Featured projects

Project titleFunding amountDuration
Incorporating the gains from healthy ageing into health system planning
ARC Discovery Project
~$300k2022 - 2025
Child Dental Benefit Policies and the Health of Australian Children
ARC Discovery Project
~$250k2020 - 2023


To discuss my research and opportunities to collaborate, you can get in touch with me via email.