I’m a Senior Research Fellow at The University of Queensland’s Centre for the Business and Economics of Health (CBEH), specialising in applied health economics. My passion lies in advancing digital health solutions to empower individuals in making informed health decisions. Through collaborative efforts with hospitals, primary care facilities, and health consumer groups, I strive to develop and implement innovative digital health interventions.

My research also focuses on measuring the effectiveness of these solutions in improving patient experience, health outcomes, and overall health system efficiency. Leveraging my strong background in real-world data analysis and evaluation studies, coupled with expertise in advanced econometrics techniques, I actively collaborate with research and industry partners to address pertinent challenges within the healthcare sector.

I’m also passionate about teaching and have been actively contributing to the courses in the Graduate Certificate in Digital Health and Clinical Informatics as well as Executive Education session on the topics of health economics and digital health.

Research interests

Health economics and digital health interventions.

Real-world evidence: application of advanced econometrics and study designs to real-world data to support decision-making in healthcare.

Economic modelling of health behaviours: patients’ and consumers’ choices with respect to healthcare utilisation, particularly in primary and emergency care settings.

Applied econometrics and machine learning in health care: : using novel statistical approaches to achieve higher accuracy of emergency department waiting time forecasts.

Research impact

I’m dedicated to translating my research into practice and have presented my research outcomes to government and industry. In partnership with the Princess Alexandra Hospital, I designed and delivered an AI-based digital health innovation. This innovation provides patients with accurate waiting time forecasts, enhancing their experience in emergency departments. Moreover, it has the potential to generate efficiency gains across the entire emergency department network, addressing critical issues in patient distribution and reducing average waiting times.

Beyond industry contributions, my research has informed national and international policy documents, with citations in reports by organisations like the European Commission and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Additionally, I have been recognised by the World Health Organization, where I was an invited speaker at a health economics modelling webinar for the Western Pacific region.


To find out how we can collaborate and bring value to your organisation, I can be contacted via:
 Email - a.pak@uq.edu.au
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