Researcher biography

Luke Connelly is Professor of Health Economics at the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health. He also holds a Professorial appointment (part-time) at The University of Bologna, to which he was appointed in 2017 via the Italian "Direct Call" processs. His main interests are in health economics and insurance economicsand the effects of institutions (including legal constructs) on incentives and behaviour. He has also worked in other fields of applied microeconomics, including education economics and transport economics. His publications include papers in Review of Income and Wealth, Health Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Journal of Law and Medicine, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, European Journal of Health Economics, International Journal of Health Economics and Finance, Social Science and Medicine, Economic Papers, Economic Analysis and Policy, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, Labour Economics, Economics and Human Biology as well as in a range of clinical journals, including Lancet.

Luke serves as a member of the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC), which advises the Australian Minister for Health on the safety, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of new and extant listings on Australia's Medicare Benefits Schedule. He has extensive service on other public committees and taskforces as well as extensive teaching and consulting engagements with industry. Over the past 10 years he has been a chief investigator on research grants and contracts totalling more than $32m.

His current research interests include health service innovations to improve the health of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, particularly that of people who discharge from hospital against medical advice. Ongoing interests include the economics of disability and insurance, compensable injury compensation schemes, and the determinants of health. Luke enjoys and has considerable experience teaching economics and health economics at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. In 2014 he was awarded the School of Economics Distinguished Teaching Award for his teaching on UQ's Master of Health Economics Program. In July 2016 he taught a summer school entitled Recent Advances in Health Economics at The University of Lucerne, Switzerland.

Featured projects Duration
Evaluating the implementation of Kidney Supportive Care Program
Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation
Centre for Research Excellence in Recovery Following Road Traffic Injury
National Health and Medical Research Council
Closing the Gap in Discharge Against Medical Advice (DAMA)
Chronic Kidney Disease Centre for Research Excellence (CKD.CRE)
National Health and Medical Research Council
Empirical tests for ex post moral hazard
Centre for the Business and Economics of Health
Estimating the total cost of moral hazard
Centre for the Business and Economics of Health
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) and the pharmaceutical management of Parkinson's disease (PD)
Centre for the Business and Economics of Health